Neecha bhanga astrology

Meaning of Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga and Result of it

Many celebrities and dignitaries have born with this Yoga and they are famous film stars, sports persons, and political leaders or hold high official ranks.

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Neecha Bhanga means cancellation of debilitation of a planet. Neecha means debilitated and Bhanga means cancellation. This is a very important and most powerful yoga among all the yogas. The debilitated planet gets power after the cancellation of its debilitation. Though a person is born with Neecha Bhanga Raj yoga will be like a king and will be just and meritorious. This yoga will offer wonderful results during periods and sub-periods of debilitated planets.

Debilitation of a planet gets cancelled: If a planet is in debilitation e.

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Mars in which this debilitated planet is placed e. Aries or Chandra lagna, the debilitation gets cancelled. Debilitation of a planet e. So see the Neech bhanga is from main birth chart D-1 Chart …!!! Note — Presence of any Raja yoga in any divisional chart Which signifies specific areas of life just strengthen the overall divisional chart and improving situation of yoga causing planet. If any debilitated planets sits in the Lagna house 1st house along with its depositor, so person is going to enjoy royal status after a middle age without any doubt -.

Example - Above chart belong to USA president Mr. Barack Obama, in his case retrograde Jupiter is debilitated and sitting along with depositor retrograde Saturn in first house, But still he is a leader of United states and Owned a position of president which is known as Top position in USA. I hope above examples are sufficient to make you understand " how power full Neech Bhanga Raja Yoga is " in Lagna house 1st House , because I have seen Neech Bhanga Raja yoga supports politics field a lot. Upachaya means Gatisheel or in other word fast moving houses or we can say more these houses grow with the time but amount of the benefic results are also depends on the other factor like aspect or conjunction of the benefic planet.

Malefic conjunction or aspect may change the results. Now you will say why?? Above chart belong to Priyanka Gandhi, in her birth chart Moon is debilitated in 6th house, however mars, and Jupiter is also occupied Kendra and giving support to moon.

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So whenever debilitated planets occupy these houses they lose their killing power or harming power and even if getting Neech Bhanga in these houses then it gives good support to the Debilitated planet to become powerful and give good results… such situation greatly improves total strength of NB Raja Yoga. For above rule please refer below horoscope -. Above chart belong to Indian Cinema Star Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, in his case debilitated venus sitting with its depositor mercury Mercury is also a 8th lord and sitting in 8th causing vipareeta Raja yoga.

But depositor should be strong From Shad Bal, by benefic aspect or conjunction. For example : - If sun is Debilitated in Libra and its depositor Venus is also getting debilitation in Virgo and now If Venus gets a Strong Neech bhang then sun will also get a Neech bhang and receives benefit. But one of these planet should be in Kendra… Either the Debilitated planet or the depositor I mean either sun or Venus anyone should be in Kendra.

Refer next example -. In above horoscope, Mercury occupied its debilitated sign Pisces and sitting in kendra 4th house, however depositor of mercury is jupiter which is also debilitated in 2nd house however jupiter is getting strong neech bhanga As getting aspected by Saturn by 3rd aspect and sitting with exalted mars , so mercury is also getting benefit of this neech bhanga as involve in Loop Neech bhanga with Jupiter.

When I was researching for this article I saw in many articles which were available over internet about Neech bhanga raja yoga and many astrologer says that this yoga gets activated after 35?? So is it true?? It comes with Neech effect first then Bhanga session gets start from the age of 30, later Raja yoga if causing Raja yoga. So if you this raja yoga in your chart then you are already under influence of this yoga and getting lessons from life to make you stronger. Everyone knows the advantages of this raja yoga but do you know the drawback of this raja yoga??

Now you might be thinking if this is raja yoga then why drawback???

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So my dear, One basic rule of god you must know is that every coin has two aspects and if I will share only profit with you then it would be like I have shown you single aspect of coin I am repeating my words again Neech Bhanga Raja shows its impact in your professional life only so even though Neech Bhanga raja yoga present in your chart your personal life will always be suffer..

If there is no other modifying situations are not present in your chart related to the personal life so there always be a big question mark present in your personal life!!! As I wrote above persons those NBRY in their charts so they face Debilitated effect of this raja yoga first… because Bhanga effect comes after Neech and later raja yoga if raja yoga present in the chart..

That Means Debilitated planet signifying house will suffer a lot and will give you suffering like anything If there are no other saving situations available in your chart.. Because Neech effect of this yoga is like a teacher which teaches you what all about life is? However after Neech effect its Bhanga effect comes into the picture it means you have learn everything about life and now ready to shine so after 30 onwards person started getting good opportunity to come up from their worse situation and start moving towards throne..

He uses all that experiences whatever he has learnt from his worse life and the journey of king get started because -. King is actually need capability to manage his empire along with public relation so that capability he gets through his earlier worse life as a lesson. Note - If you are not getting Maha Dasha of raja yoga giving planet then in such case please check the Antardasha of the concern planet but still I will say that, to get full benefit of Raja yoga Mahadasha of the raja yoga giving planet is very important.


Now another very important concept is retrograde debilitation?? All debilitated planet somehow act like retrograde planets because when any planet become debilitated in horoscope so debilitated planet just act opposite to its natural nature Planets also react in opposite way when become retrograde , hence they hold strong killing power!!!

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  • As problems are part of the human life but he took his struggle as a challenge but other fails Suppose, there is a person who has all the qualities to become successful in life even he is multi-talented and hold all the qualities which requires becoming successful in the life but still he try many times to become successful but again some circumstances pulling him down.. He again try but again he could not achieve whatever he wants to achieve. It happens many times but still he keeps walking towards his goal.

    If you also have such will power to challenge you destiny or you dare to challenge your bad time if you really feel this or if you are experiencing such worse situation in your life but your inner man is not allowing you to accept defeat from your current dominating bad situation and forcing you to stand up and go fight and win,. Please let me know if he has Neech Bhang Raj Yog? Please tell me what all yogas I have. Regards Rakesh Kumar Siddamshetty. Dear sir, My husbands dob is Last ten years have been very very difficult for us and im loosing hope now. He had sade saat sali I was also told he has neech ka shaani will effects of neech ka shaani last a lifetime??

    Does he have neech bhang raj yog and if yes what is in store for us? Im his wife and my dob is Your advise will be highly highly appreciated. Sir, Would request you to spare your precious time to help me. Do I have a neech bhang rajyog in my kundalli.

    Dob 5th march tob 22 hrs 00 mins and pob basti up india. Hello Everyone. Dear Sir, plz let me know my kundali has Neech bhang yoga or not. My name is piyush 6 June 91 kanpur u.

    Neecha Bhanga Raj yoga

    My dob is Time 3. My DOB is 07th may Born at palghat, kerala. Time of Birth is hrs. Please tell me whether there is neecha bhanga raja yoga in my chart for jupiter,mercury and moon. Do i have neecha bhanga raj yoga in my kundili.

    My mercury is deliberated in 9th house. My mercury mahadasha had started. Plz help me Guruji i am very worried. POB : Hyderabad. Respected sir do I have neechbhang raj yoga my birth date is at 1. I seek your advice to start a successful business or careet Many thanks n regards neeta. Dear Sir I read it blog very informative. Do I hv neechbhanga yog or ny other. Struggling from almost years. Dob 2-nov Time Will I ever succeed if so in which field..

    Pranam sir mera nam Jyoti h. Hello sir My DOB is 11th august, Tob is 5. Place of birth is patan,Gujarat. Can u plz comment on the same.

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    I am really confuse about neech bhang raj yoga plz let me know my kundali has this yoga and this yoga form in this year? In fact Guru, Shani, Mangal in Vrushcik at present. DOB - 28 march ; , mumbai. Katwa, Burdwan West Bengal. Do I have neech bhang raj yoga?

    Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga (NBRY)

    Please let me know. Is there neech bhang raj yog or gaj kesri yog. With regards, Ankit Sharma. Also I m passing through rahu Dasha pls predict. Place Wani dist. Respected sir, My daughter dob 15th August and time Any yoga?

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