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Like the feeding mother Annapurna you nurture the whole universe and you are the one who appear like the timeless Bala Sundari young girl of extreme beauty.

Ramayana - [PDF Document]

At the time of Dissolution it is you, O Mother, who destroys everything. You are the beloved consort of Lord Shiva, Gauri Parvathi. Lord Shiva and all yogis always chant your praise, Brahma, Vishnu and all other Gods ever meditate on you. You also appear in the form of Goddess Saraswati to grant wisdom to the sages and thus ensure their welfare.

Découvrez l'astrologie avec Nitya Varnes, par Terrafemina

O Mother Amba, it was you who appeared in the form of Narismha, sundering the pillar. Thus, you saved Prahlaad and Hiranyakashyap also went to Heaven as he was killed by your hands. O Bhavani, the famous goddess of Hingalaja is no one else but you yourself. Illimitable is your glory, defying description. It is you who appear as Bhuvenshwari and Bagalamukhi Devi to bestow happiness to all.

It is you, who redeem the world, appearing in the form of Shree Bhairavi, Tradevi and Chhinamasta Devi, and end its sorrows. Reposing Gracefully upon your vehicle of Lion. When you appear in the form of Goddess Kali with sword in one hand and a cupel in the other, even time flees in panic.

Qu’est-ce que l’axe des noeuds lunaires dans un thème?

You also repose in the form of the Devi at Nagarkot in Kangara. Thus all the three realms shudder in the might of your glory. You slayed the demons like Shumbhu and Nishumbhu and masacred the thousand forms of the dreaded demon Raktabeeja. Jehi Agha Bhar Mahi Akulani 22 When the earth was severtly distressed bearing the load of the sins of the arrogant Mahishasur. Thus whenever the noble saints were distressed, it is you O Mother, who came to their rescue.

All the realms including the Amarpuri divine realm remain sorrowless and happy by your grace, O Goddess! It is the symbol of your glory that is burning brightly at Shree Jwala ji. All men and women ever worship you, O Mother! He who sings your glory with devotion of love and sincerity remains beyond the reach of grief and poverty. Janam-maran Tako Chuti Jai 28 He who meditates upon your form with concentration goes beyond the cycle of births and deaths.

Shankaracharya had performed once a special penance caled Aacharaj and by the virtue of which he had subdued his anger and desire. Since he did not realise your immense glory, his all powers waned and the repented hitherto.

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Then, O Primal Goddesses Jagdamba ji, you were propitiated and in no time you bestowed him with his lost powers. O Mother! Severe affictions distress me and no one except Your Honoured Self can provide relief. Please end my afflictions. Hopes and longings ever borture me. All sort of passions and lust torment my beart ever. O merciful Mother! Show me your favour and make me feel happy by bestowing me with all sorts of riches and powers.

O Merciful Mother!

May I be the receptacle of your grace as long as I live, ever recounting the feats of your glory to all. This, way he who ever sings this Durga Chalisa shall ever enjoy all sorts of pleasures and shall attain the highest state in the end. Glory to you, O divine Mother Gauri, glory to you, O Parvati, who are so rich in maiden grace virgin beauty , the object of daily meditation by Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva! O Ambe! On your forehead is a resplendent mark of vermilion along with a mark of musk signifying good luck. Your twin eyes are bright and your face beautiful as the moon.


Your body with a tinge of gold is splendidly dressed in red attire; on your throat lies a wreath of red blossoms like a beautiful necklace. Your vehicle, the lion, is, O Mother in keeping with your splendid form; you bear a sword and a skull in your hands, and on you attend the gods, men, hermits and your votaries whose grief you drive away. You are adorned with rings on your ears and with pearl on the tip of your nose, your radiance looks as splendid as that of myriad of suns and moons.

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