Libra horoscope weekly february

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You will not feel much interest in being active, even though you will have plenty of energy. Nevertheless, you may enjoy the fruits of former labors; after all, Jupiter the planet of luck is still in play.

Libra Weekly Horoscope from 29th February 2016

Saturn , unfortunately, will be impacting your life from a square aspect and you will probably continue to focus delays and obstacles. Mercury , the planet of understanding, will be in Aquarius and forming a favorable trine from which the planet will have a positive impact on your life.

Libra horoscope feb 27

Your thoughts will be clear, as will your speech and writing, and your mind will be working perfectly. This is a great time for business deals. It will encourage you to consider whether you need to make any changes in your career. Venus will be in Sagittarius for the first three months of the year and in an excellent position, after which it will move into Capricorn.

There it will be in a square position which will demand caution.

However, Mars will have a very strong influence on Libras this month. Anything is possible in terms of love, and Libras can decide how far they want the planet to go. Premium Horoscopes. Read More.

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    If you've had your eye on someone for a while and the chemistry is simmering-bordering-on-boiling, things could finally combust. This would be the time to stop playing hard to get and let yourself get caught!

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    But since true fairy tales only exist in the movies, don't get lost in an unrealistic fantasy. Your crush may be truly amazing, but they're still human, so be prepared for the inevitable speed bumps. Couples can deepen their bond in stimulating new ways, but it's not purely magic. You need to put in the effort! If you're just taking the training wheels off a new relationship, here's your chance to find out where your S.

    Of course, if you expect them to play Truth or Dare, you're going to have to be equally open and forthcoming. People who seem bland on the surface could be hiding more than a few fascinating layers you had no clue were there. Look for clever ways to help them shine.

    Libra horoscope weekly february
    Libra horoscope weekly february
    Libra horoscope weekly february
    Libra horoscope weekly february
    Libra horoscope weekly february
    Libra horoscope weekly february

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